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Learn how Digital Twin can support making strategic decisions, drive efficiency programs and deliver sophisticated, tailored-to-project cross-cutting analysis to speed up delivery and back on track with overdue or "never-ending" projects.

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Learn how our software services help businesses of all sizes transform their digital presence and streamline operations.

Software engineering services we provide are focused on solving the challenges of innovation and Digital transformation that organizations need to overcome.

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Learn how our Enterprise Automation services help businesses achieve operational efficiency and streamline processes through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

As well as brings value in cost reduction, raising efficiency and better quality of service for organizations.

Generative AI

Learn how to unleash the transformative potential of AI with our tailored one-day workshop, 'Generative AI Unlocked & Applied.' Crafted for C-level and senior leaders, this immersive experience sparks inspiration, nurtures practical AI applications, and shapes a clear AI initiative plan.

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We've built user experiences that increase conversion and sold over 10% more tickets, cut IT costs, enhanced productivity with AI, and offered unique pricing models.

Whether you're in Oregon or London, we share the same challenges and solutions, making cost-sharing a win-win for a big ROI.

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SOFTHOUSE ADVISOR is a cognitive analysis system collecting 1000s of data points from a multitude of sources. A range of the data sources amalgamated includes the SDLC process, interviews with stakeholders and operations, to version control data points.

SOFTHOUSE ADVISOR is a necessary tool for the technology-focused company to increase the visibility of process gaps, alerting when productivity degradation occurs and the necessity for change management.

What people say about us

SoftHouse has the best effectiveness/risk/cost model and for this reason, I decided to engage them as a strategic partner.
We have worked on several projects, and their team demonstrated outstanding results in terms of account management, communication, speed of delivery, and performance on complex software tasks.
James Chillingworth
CEO, “The Consulting Practice”
As a SaaS provider, Lusha depends on the importance of having a reliable and experienced technology partner to help us achieve our goals. That is why we have been working with Softhouse for quite a few years. SoftHouse, as the Lusha’s technology partner, has helped us significantly increase delivery team speed while decreasing costs, shorten time-to-market for new features, improve platform reliability and scalability to handle growing customer demand, and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends to ensure competitiveness. SHS has consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of professionalism, expertise, and delivery.
Shai Gottesdiener VP R&D,
We were looking for a trusted partner to deal with our software development needs. We have found that with SoftHouse. Their processes with built-in checks and balances resulted in solutions with a high level of quality with a final product that encompassed everything we were looking for.
Don Shaw
Associate Director, Information Technology “NovoNordisk”
With the skill sets and expertise that SoftHouse brings to the table, we have been able to expand on both the number and variety of opportunities we can compete on. This partnership has been responsible for 20% of our annual revenue growth.
I highly recommend SoftHouse as a reliable and effective partner to help strengthen your business.
James Chillingworth
CEO, The Consulting Practice
The group at SoftHouse was extremely helpful in taking our seed of an idea and ensuring that it matured into a healthy and vibrant application. Their step by step interactive specification and design process was excellently organized, and the group was easy to work with. The design team that we were fortunate to work with was up to date with current trends in app design and functionality and brought many features to the project that we had not considered in the initial planning.
In short, The SoftHouse was an excellent partner for our project.
Lee Warren
VP Corporate Development, COMDA
From the very beginning, SoftHouse was fully responsible for establishing and maintaining our IT department and software development procedures. These are used to plan, estimate, visualize, track and analyze software development, our customer support, and server maintenance. This allows Rocket ATM management to concentrate on business development and sales, while SoftHouse takes care of all software development infrastructure and organization. We are very happy with the quality of the services, price, the level of expertise and assistance provided by SoftHouse.
We recommend SoftHouse as a software development Expert to other companies without hesitation.
Manny Puri
CEO, Rocket ATM
The SoftHouse team was always looking for innovative approaches and provided suggestions that would improve the overall fit and finish of the final product. Working with Softhouse was a seamless process that was time-efficient and cost-effective. Even after the solution was released and as business conditions changed, they provided timely and professional support to ensure the solution continued to deliver on its value promise.
Don Shaw
Associate Director, Information Technology “NovoNordisk”

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