Digital Organizational Twin

Digital Organizational Twin is a replica of your Organization, Department, Product, or LOB, the cohesive model that connects all layers, like business functions, applications, data, processes, and technology by modeled horizontal and vertical interdependencies of atomic data points with cutting-edge reporting capability.

Why Digital Twin?

With Digital Twin you can prioritize your initiatives by profitability and develop feasible delivery plans based on sharp and always up-to-date data.

Digital Twin matches data from different areas to provide a full understanding of an Organisation, it’s a part, or a Product, incl. interdependencies between functions, processes, exchanged data, and shared resources, reflecting constant changes in current and projected future states due to conducted initiatives and all other factors. DOT deliver data in a format tailored to different roles in organizations to meet their specific needs.

Knowledge Management Framework
Project / Product / Software Delivery Excellence
IT Operations Excellence
Broad Data-Driven Management
Security compliance assurance

Problems Digital Twin can address

Get back on track with overdue and overbudgeted projects incl. "never-ending" initiatives
Remove bottlenecks caused by subject matter expert's overload or turnover
Deal with lack of data and documentation
Improve time to market and profitability of carried-on initiatives
Become a fully data-driven organization driving towards active performance management capabilities


Planning and conducting complex cloud migration or re-platforming projects -> risk mitigation of non-delivery and speeding up delivery up to 400%
Product Management Framework with distributed cos optimization
Optimisation and rationalization of applications, technology, business functions, and capabilities with profitability impact assessment.
Executing complex change management programs (e.g., post-merger integrations)
Speeding up digital transformation by up to 80%
Speeding up reactions on cybersecurity threads

Market shows

According to The Economist and, one of the biggest struggles is the lack of proper knowledge management that causes the inability to bridge business with IT and de-risk initiatives, which is coming from an unclear understanding of the current state of the whole organization, through all layers and their interdependencies.

IT initiatives


Delayed or
overbudgeted IT initiatives


Public Transportation Institution in Canada speeded up the re-platforming of legacy systems by 400% and cut costs by 60%

How can we help

Developing proper Knowledge Management Discipline across organizations, departments or LOB can help to achieve significant results in the:
Speeding up key initiatives / IT projects delivery and reducing the number of delayed projects
Raising ROI and decreasing TCO per initiative
Reducing the risk of project overtime and saving money
Reducing the risk of project failure because of the lack of documentation or limited knowledge deriving from the agile style of work or high dependency on third-parties
Releasing peoples' potential from repetitive discovery tasks and making the knowledge reusable and up to date
Speeding up Digital Transformation by streamlining and speeding up R&D and Innovation adaptation processes

Setting up Knowledge Governance by introducing easy to follow framework SHS Digital Organisational Twin services can help you to restore heavily delayed projects, deliver the cohesive model of the current state consisting of all layers of your Product, Platform, Core Application Ecosystem, LOB, Department, or even full Organization, from business capabilities and functions through applications, data, processes, and technology layers, model the future state and prepare a detailed and de-risked delivery plan.

Instead of on-time and non-analyzable static documentaries, as its usually done, we deliver living, analyzable and traversable models with analytical functions and pre-configured tailored to the project reports like impact analysis, what-if scenarios, and all other sorts of cross-cutting analysis reflecting atomic data points and their dependencies, utilization, and capability maturity as well as conclusions and recommendations on delivery.


What we did

To attack retailers with the same
To test the approach (to plan the multichannel approach personal, adverts, LI campaigns etc.)

Use cases

Key Initiative Impact

Canadian public transit operator embarked on a key initiative of Technology Modernization to bring innovation and stability to core systems as well as to address the constant growth of operations in the region.

How to start?

You don’t need to run a separate project of maturing knowledge management, just start with SHS Digital Twin in one project and re-use throughout the full portfolio. 

By re-using and conducting additional modeling for the purposes of the new initiative your model will grow and serve more and more initiatives and stakeholders across the organization. 

The model governance is served by SoftHouse on an ongoing basis to keep it up-to-date and reliable.

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