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Experience the vibrant culture at SoftHouse, where your skills are valued, and your contributions have a real impact. We embrace the synergy of talent, enthusiasm, and meaningful work!

With access to cutting-edge technologies and a supportive environment, you'll continually grow your skills and stay at the forefront of innovation. Our goal is to provide clients with ongoing innovative options that help them dominate their niches, optimize time-to-market, and remain highly cost-effective.


Why SoftHouse? Firstly, the friendly atmosphere gives a sense of community and support. Additionally, it's an exceptional focus on development. I see how our company is constantly growing and expanding, which inspires me to join this process. Here, people not only work but also learn, and improve their skills, and competencies. And finally, what personally appeals to me about SoftHouse is the ability to hear and understand our colleagues in all areas of life. Each of us can unleash our potential and grow not only as professionals but also as individuals here.
I like working at SoftHouse because my current project allows me to grow as a specialist due to new challenges. SoftHouse is an incredibly large and friendly team. I'm glad that even in such difficult times, we have the opportunity to see each other and celebrate important events together. It helps me maintain my mental health, motivates me, and stimulates me to achieve new heights!
Full Stack Developer
You are aware of how essential the atmosphere is to human existence. The same applies to work. If you had a chance to join a team with a healthy atmosphere, mutual understanding, and mutual support, I'm sure half the work is done. I am lucky to have made my choice in favor of Softhousegroup five years ago for its values promote both self-realization, development, and growth. Moreover one must be lucky to find a company that will provide fascinating ideas for entertainment.
Business Analyst
SoftHouse – it`s about the atmosphere. Colleagues always share joy with you, listen, support, and help. Professional colleagues and management constantly contribute to the development and realization of your potential as a highly-skilled specialist in your field. And of course, there are the awesome events! They are always atmospheric and unforgettable.
SoftHouse is my professional haven for 1.5 years, and it’s been an incredible journey. The people here are not just colleagues; they’re mentors and friends who foster a culture of growth and support. It’s a place where passion meets opportunity, and every day is a step towards achieving professional aspirations.
Business Analyst

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