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Sell more tickets.
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About CPTO

With access to over 100 years of Live Entertainment experience, and some of the smartest brains in technology Softhouse and CPTO Services have created a suite of solutions specifically aimed at the Live Entertainments Sector.

We're here to help increase your revenue, to boost your productivity so we can save you money, and to connect up your business and your data in order to drive deep actionable insights.

And this isn't just a standard consultation offering, we have access to hundreds of developers, AI experts, data analysts, and product, security, and technology consultants, plus the coaching, leadership, legal and financial support to change your business.

How it works

We've built user experiences that increase conversions and have sold over 10% more tickets. We've helped organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs across IT services and systems. We've implemented AI to streamline operations and boost team productivity, integrated multiple external systems into core ticketing platforms, performed security audits, and trained teams on compliance...

...and we have an industry-first cooperative pricing model. After all, live entertainment is somewhat special in its location-based operation. If you're situated in Oregon, you're not competing with an organization in London. Yet, you both face the same challenges and solutions. So, why not split the cost with several organizations and receive a massive boost in ROI?

It all starts with a free, no-obligation virtual call that we promise will be insightful, engaging, and even fun!

Why work with us?

Sell more tickets

In the live entertainment sector, ticket sales are the lifeblood of your business.

Rapid Sales Platform: perhaps you want a high-speed front-end sales site designed to handle massive traffic, ensuring that the most popular shows can sell out in as little as 30 seconds.

Optimized User Experience: Our team can craft a user-friendly ticketing interface, minimizing clicks and maximizing conversions. Customers won’t just buy a ticket; they’ll enjoy the process.

Integrated Marketing Tools: Boost sales with integrated marketing tools that allow for targeted promotions, loyalty programs, and personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

Lower running costs

In the world of live entertainment, cost-effectiveness is paramount.‍

AI-Driven Efficiency: Unlock the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence to amplify your productivity by over 100%. Automate processes, eliminate waste, drive efficiency.

Operational Audit: Dive deep into your business plan, company structure, and technology infrastructure. Identify areas of excess expenditure and discover opportunities for savings.‍

Integration & Automation: Seamlessly integrate line of business applications. By automating processes and eradicating pain points, we ensure smoother operations.

Generate Insight

In today’s world of data, understanding your audience is key to success.

AI-Powered Analytics: Dive deep into your data with an integrated AI-based analytics solution. Uncover patterns, predict trends, and gain insights that can drive strategic decisions.

Data Visualization Tools: Transform raw data into visual stories that can be easily understood and acted upon by stakeholders at all levels of your organization.

Strategic Consultation: Our team of data analysts and industry experts will work closely with you, offering guidance on how to interpret the data and implement actionable strategies to achieve your business goals.

About Softhouse

With over 300 people in 5 countries, Softhouse is a leading development company with the capability
to build solutions on top of or alongside your ticketing system, integrate your tools, and introduce AI solutions.

Executive Coach, Psychological Safety expert, Mentor. Tom can help you create a culture and mindset to drive success. And with 5 years experience in live entertainment, he understands you.
Tom Geraghty
Security, technical infrastructure, hosting. Gabriel is a no-nonsense CTO with 10 years working in the live entertainment space. He can assess costs, save money, and ensure you are using the right tech.
Gabriel Tracey
With 30 years in live entertainment from Box Office Manager to Technical Director. Russ can assess your approach to market, analyse data across the business, and craft strategies to lower cost or increase revenue.
Russ Ashby
With 30 years experience in live entertainment, working with some of the largest venues and operations, from Wembley stadium to ATG, Rob can understand your business. and identify solutions to your pressing pain points.
Rob Williams

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