Software Engineering

SoftHouse software engineering services are tailored to address the core challenges of innovation and digital transformation. We specialize in ensuring timely project delivery, optimizing total cost of ownership, and maintaining technology roadmap commitments.

Why Software Engineering?

Unlock success in project delivery with our services, where a sharp focus on time-to-market, TCO optimization, and technology roadmap adherence sets us apart. Seamlessly integrate legacy systems, acquire and retain top tech talent, and transform customer experiences with our specialized expertise. Tackle the financial challenges of delivery cost and ROI management with our tailored solutions. Overcome hurdles such as meeting tight deadlines, controlling project scope, and ensuring high-quality software through robust testing. Address the intricacies of managing technical debt and navigate the essential elements of security and compliance effortlessly. Elevate your project delivery with our comprehensive approach tailored to your unique challenges.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
Project / Product / Software Delivery Excellence
Financial Analytics and Reporting tools
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
Product lifecycle management (PLM) software

Problems Software Engineering can address

Delays and budget overruns in project delivery.
Lack of internal technical expertise or specialized knowledge.
Limited budget constraints for technology initiatives.
High costs associated with hiring and retaining skilled tech talent.
Challenges in optimizing time-to-market for new features or projects.
Difficulty in integrating and upgrading legacy systems with newer technologies.


Unsure about the accuracy of project budgets and risks
Encountering difficulties in project delivery
Finding it challenging to uphold commitments outlined in your technology roadmap
Experiencing projects in a critical condition
Delays impacting over 10% of the projects in your portfolio
Routinely exceeding budgets on the delivery side
Uncertain if delivery team costs are optimized

Market shows

According to The Economist and, one of the biggest struggles in the field of IT initiatives is evident. This predicament underscores the challenges associated with inadequate management of tech projects, resourcing, software delivery processes, and discipline. The effective handling of tech debt and adaptation to new business requirements emerge as crucial components in addressing these persistent issues.

non-delivered IT initiatives


delayed or over budgeted IT initiatives


Public Transportation Institution in Canada speeded up the re-platforming of legacy systems by 400% and cut costs by 60%

How can we help

Unlock the potential of software services for transformative results:
Accelerate project delivery by up to 40%
Optimize delivery costs by up to 37%, eliminating expenses related to hiring and retention, while leveraging teams with transparent and efficient delivery processes
Revitalize projects in the red
Perform in-depth analysis and restructuring of complex solution architectures aligned with business targets (ROI/TCO/Budgets)
Decrease maintenance costs through tailor-made Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Public Transportation Institution in Canada speeded up the re-platforming of legacy systems by 400% and cut costs by 60%

Use cases

Key Initiative Impact

Canadian public transit operator embarked on a key initiative of Technology Modernization to bring innovation and stability to core systems as well as to address the constant growth of operations in the region.

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