Senior Python Developer

Our client is a big international SaaS platform that allows salespeople to focus on selling. About 8 years ago, the company started as a startup. Now the main product is a BigData for sales professionals to identify, engage and close prospects, thanks to the prospecting platform, web extension, and API. The company’s customers range from SMBs to Enterprises, including Google, Dropbox, Uber, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.


1-st stage: interview with Recruiter (around 40 minutes) 

2-nd stage: interview with Tech Lead (around 1,5 hour) 

3-rd stage: interview with Hiring Manager (around 40 minutes) 

Team size: 16 Engineers in Ukraine 

Skills required: 
5+ years of experience as a Software Engineer;.
4+ years experience as a Python developer.
Highly skilled in software development best practices and CI\CD.
Strong experience with SQL and NoSQL databases.
Solid understanding web technologies, as well as the ability to reverse-engineer API calls.
Experience working with cloud environments (AWS preferable)
Experience with working with various database engines (relational, document storage, key-value, time series) – Kafka, Redis, Postgres, MySql, Dynamo DB
Experience with Python asynchronous programming: AsyncPG
Experience with Python DB libraries: SQL Alchemy, Alembic, SQL Model
Experience with Python Web frameworks: FastAPI, Flask
Experience with Python AWS libraries: Boto3
Experience with Docker, Kubernetes

Design and implement high-scale and data-intensive services
Take part in the most significant projects in the company
Research and implement algorithmic solutions in our product
Work with a product manager and see the bigger picture and business requirements
Be a part of the heterogeneous team of backend and data engineers
Improve and propose new algorithmic solutions for our state-of-the-art search engine


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